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The never-ending search for high potentials, the demographic change as a result of insufficient availability of qualified employees, and the fast changing markets are the major challenges for all companies today. In many cases, permanent reorganizations are taking place, which hinders employees to be able to focus on the customer.Too much rotation in a company is inefficient. On the other hand, departments that are not willing to change run the risk of not progressing with the wishes of the customers. There are many ways to initiate new impulses in a company and making it fit for the future.

We support you with profound analysis of your current status and mature knowledge in our fields of experience (Foundry Technology for iron foundries, Business Development, Quality Management).  Through workshops, we will direct your team with a steady focus and forward thinking orientation, ensuring successful development of your company that will be sustained long after our departure. 

Our method is based on the understanding of  “help for self-help”. According to this principle we share and transfer our knowledge to your employees. We will draw off 25 years of experience and know-how gained in multinational companies and various leadership positions that both of us have earned. Additionally, a combined 16 years of intensive work with international teams in Asia, has provided further development to our skill set.

You don’t have to experience everything by yourself, to make use of the lessons learned.


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