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Business Development

The subject of Business Development covers a wide field, starting with the evaluation of new business fields over competitor analysis and creation of new business plans up to the adjustment of the company structure, which includes mergers, acquisitions, and dedicated organizational changes.

A prerequisite for a sustainable long-term success is an integrated and holistic concept.

We support you with our experience to build such a concept and will ensure that the necessary knowledge can be established at your company. This can be achieved through personal coaching of your employees, or for larger organizations through the implementation of a Business Development department.

Usually a few tasks from classical Business Development are carried out by different functions in your company. This may be from Sales, Marketing, Research & Development or from the Managing Director himself/herself.

The questions arising from this circumstance are:  Are the thoughts detailed enough and do they get adjusted to the markets regularly? Are the actions integrated and aligned with all functions/departments and does each employee know his/her share of the sustainable long-term success?

We are supporting you with our practical experience in the fields of:

Strategy Development

  • Development and optimization of company-
    and business field strategies
  • Market entrance strategies
  • Development of new business fields
  • Product and price strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Training courses and coaching for Key Account Managers
  • Design of alliances and cooperation’s
  • Portfolio management
  • Support for establishment of a company (Start-Up)

Organization and Guidance

  • Organization design
  • Situation analysis, identification of change
    requirements as well as cause-effect relations
  • Optimization and modeling of company
    organization structures
  • Control mechanisms
  • Change Management including implementation
    of support services and controlling of measures



Business DevelopmentBusiness Development业务拓展


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