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Technical Foundry Consulting

The Foundry industry has a long history, unfortunately often underestimated as the base for world-class products of the mechanical engineering industry. The value of constant high quality castings is most recently realized during company plant relocations, or the search for new suppliers, whether domestic or abroad.

We support foundries, and their customers, in all perspectives to achieve improvement and optimization of the product quality, focusing on grey and ductile iron for hydraulic castings. You will benefit from our international experience and know-how, connected with passion for material and technology.

We are looking forward to support you with the following topics:

  • Systematic process analysis
  • Workshops for efficiency improvements
  • Technical problem solving at designated products
  • Metallurgical optimization
  • Workshops for quality improvements
  • Mediation between foundries and their customers
  • Scrap reduction workshops
  • Organizational development and process optimization
  • Employee qualification for newly build organizations domestic and abroad
  • Foundry technology trainings at shop floor level
  • Ramp-up support service for new products



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